Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Little Christmas Tip

I can't stress enough how much Wish Lists rock. I know there are people out there who believe they take the mystery and spontaneity out of gift giving. This is true, but consider that sometimes perusing someones gift list can at least tell you what kinds of things someone is interested in, and possibly help with sizes, even if you don't actually buy directly from the list.

Personally I love the Amazon Wish List feature. Not only does Amazon have a great selection of so many things, but if you can make your list accessible to anyone who knows your email address, and even send people the link to it if you feel they could really use some guidance. You can also make wish lists for your kids if you have them, avoiding that annual ritual of having to read the letter he/she/they wrote to Santa to every aunt and cousin in the lower 48.

In addition to putting things on the list that you can get from Amazon, you can also download a button to your computer that will add an item from any website from which you happen to find something you want. It's called the Universal Wish List and you can get it here.

So, please: If you are the slightest bit difficult to buy for, and there are tons of things you or your kids want, or there's any chance I'll get you in a Secret Santa pool: Make a wish list!!

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