Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Resolve...

2008 sucked monkey ass. I know I'm not alone in that assessment. I never make resolutions, but I think this year I just have to.

In 2009:
  • I will go back to Physical Therapy.
  • I will use the new ankle I got in 2008 and get healthy. (It would be about time.)
  • I will try to finish that novel. (I refuse to set myself up for a guilt trip so as long as I try I'll be happy)
  • I will get better organized with my writing and housekeeping.
  • I will pay cash for what I need and stop relying on credit cards.

Feel free to share your resolutions in the comments, or tell why you don't make resolutions.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all fans of Lost!

I'm dreaming of a Lost Christmas
Just like the ones with Ethan Rom
Where the treeline rustles,
and Sawyer hustles
To shoot bears and boars and Tom.

I'm dreaming of a Lost Christmas
With every Other that you fight
May your bears and bunnies be white
And may all your Dharma Beers be light

I’m dreaming of a Lost Christmas
With marbles colored black and white
Where the tree frog’s singing
And ears are ringing
From when the hatch blew up that night.

I'm dreaming of a Lost Christmas
With every number that is cursed.
May McCutcheon’s knock down your thirst,
And may all your bad luck be reversed.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What the...?

I love going through the "recommended for you" items on I shop a lot with them for pretty much everybody I buy gifts for, and it makes for some interesting recommendations. If you haven't used it yourself, it makes a suggestion and then says at the bottom what you have purchased or wish-listed that makes them think you will be interested in the item.

Today I got this recommendation:

If you notice, it says it has recommended this CD of Celtic New Age Christmas music because I bought an instant hot water heater for my kitchen sink.

Um, ok.

Is there a connection of which I am not aware? Do all the hip new-agers like hot water, but are impatient? Is this based on the stereotype that the Irish like to boil their food a lot? Perhaps it assumes I drink a lot of tea and would therefore be requiring a fun and quirky coaster made from a Celtic Christmas CD?

Looking at the play list, I see a song by the name "Un Flambeau". Did the "Recommendation Bot" think, "If you like scalding water you'll love a song about something that sounds kinda flame-related. 'Cause, you know, flames are hot too. And it's french. Pretty similar, am I right?" There is also a song called "Gloucestershire Wassail". Wassail is served hot, maybe they think I will filter cider, ale or mead right through the pipes and make a festive holiday beverage in an instant! Perhaps it's as simple as seeing the song "Snow" and thinking one would want a nice cup of cocoa after it's finished playing.

Well, whatever the reasons, Amazon, I will be taking a pass on this recommendation. Thanks, but no thanks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Christmas Ham

Last night was the Christmas show at my son's school. Who knew that having two parents with ties to stand-up comedy would produce such a shy and withdrawn child. Oh wait, mine is the one in the red vest? Then disregard that last statement.

My biggest wish this holiday season is that my parents' computers can play this video.

Merry Christmas, everybody!