Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kinda Sorta Live Blogging My Jury Duty Pt. 5

About 6 minutes into “The Beginning of the End” (The first episode of Lost Season 4) we get the call. I pack up everything and follow the officer and 25 or so other potential jurors to the elevator and up 3 floors to a courtroom. This courthouse is fairly new so the courtroom was quite nice. One of the jurors was a really cute kid. I couldn’t stop looking at him. I finally realized he looked exactly like a teenaged version of Zachary Quinto. The judge swore us in, and asked the questions about bias, and objectivity, did we know anyone related to the case, blah blah. I am Juror 18 today. After calling people up, discussing it, and excusing a couple people they were up to juror number 16. Then they excused Juror number 8, and they called Juror number 17, lil’ Sylar. I was next.

Meanwhile, all this time I’m sitting next to Juror 19, who I am sure is a wee bit insane. When council approaches the sidebar, they play a white noise to drown out their voices, which I thought is a great idea. She, however, apparently has bionic hearing because she immediately plugged up her ears and dropped her head. They played it about 4 times, each time she would look at me as if to say, “Oh, the torture, the torture!” and then slump over forward. The rest of the time she rocked side to side rolling her head around in a circle at this ridiculously slow tempo that just didn’t seem humanly possible. I inched as far away from her on the bench as I could. I remember now, she was the one who was in the bathroom when I arrived. So she’s insane and has diarrhea. Dear God, please don’t make me end up sequestered with this woman.

Luckily, for now, Juror 17 was the last picked for this particular trial, (except that if I had to be on a jury I would want to be on it with #17.) (Hubba hubba, if you catch my drift.) (what am I, 85?) so back downstairs we all went. Except for that moment when the elevator opened and I got out. I noticed everyone else were not getting out and were just staring at me. I realized I wasn't on the right floor and got back on, but not one of them said anything. Thanks, guys. So now I’m back in the pool. The guy said they had three judges call for a jury today, two in the municipal courts - both criminal cases - and one in juvenile court. If they don’t plead out then I’m the next juror to be called.

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