Sunday, July 13, 2008

So That's What The Name Means

Saturday we went to our friend's annual block party. I am pleased to announce that there were NO Kia's parked this year. We are so proud. This year my son discovered a tree across the street from where we were sitting had edible sour cherries. He decided he wanted to make a cherry pie.

The hunt for ingredients:

The bounty gathered:

He actually tastes the cherries:

I apologize for the awkward watermarks. I'm sure there is a more professional and/or subtle looking way to do it but I am still new to all of this.


  1. Great pics!! Cam looks funny tasting the sour cherries. He is just adorable
    As for the watermarks, at least you know how to do it!!

  2. Hey there is a good Blog/podcast called Jumping Monkey's, you should read/listen to.

  3. Thanks Debs! Yeah, I love the pucker pic! And as for the watermarks, I actually just used Photobucket to add text.

    Charlie, I have only skimmed the site, but it gave me a good idea for something I need to post. Can you tell me more about what you like about them?