Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh, Hey, I Almost Forgot...

Today is now this blogs birthday!!

is mah birfday where r caek, dammit!?
more cat pictures

Coincidentally enough, tomorrow is also the birthday of two of my friends, Donna and Amy. Everybody say, "Happy Birthday, Donna and Amy!!"

I wonder how they feel about sharing their special day with a site like this...

Maybe I shouldn't tell them about it...


  1. YAY for this blogs birhtday being today!!
    Friday the 13th!!
    June Friday the 13th was my dad's B-day and I know a couple of people that have a birthday today!!
    Good job CC!!

  2. Oh, goodness... I didnt even realize I was doing this on Friday the 13th.

    Anyone got a mirror I can break or a ladder I can walk under?

    It seems only fitting. lol.