Saturday, June 14, 2008

How About a Laugh Today?

I was watching Last Comic Standing a few weeks ago and was blown away by the set of comedienne Jackie Kashian.

I will really be rooting for her. I haven't laughed at an LCS comedian this much since Dave Mordal. (see following video) Unfortunately this video is tough to hear but it was the only one I could find with some of my favorite bits. And no ads from Comedy Central. I guess basic cable has to make money some way... hey, wait a minute...

When the episode of LCS was over I went searching for more information about Jackie. I discovered she has her own podcast, called The Dork Forest, where they discuss anything with which one can be obsessed. I haven't listened to it yet but I have subscribed to it. If any of you know me in reaal life, you can definitely attest to both my dorkiness and my ever increasing ability to obsess. So this one sounds right up my alley. I'll need at least a few days to figure out which obsession I should call in with first.

I also came across another podcast on which she has appeared. It is called Road Stories. This is one hour of stand-up comics telling stories of some of the more interesting jobs they have had. I have listened to one show, episode number 8, and I loved it so much I made my husband listen to it. See, he doesn't normally do podcasts. I think even if someone spent 15 hours making a podcast called "Every Ex-Girfriend Cayley's Husband Ever Had Spills All His Darkest Secrets" he still couldn't be bothered to listen to it. But I not only got him to listen to this one, and laugh, but he is also now quoting it quite a few times a day. That's usually a pretty good sign. At this point I should mention, for those who don't know, my husband spent 15 years as a stand-up comedian, and we met during the two years that I was also telling jokes. As short as my time in "the biz" was, I can tell you that the most fun I ever had in comedy was the times after the show, when the comics all hung around, sharing drinks and stories just like the ones I heard on this podcast. And I had the best of both worlds, too. Later, as the wife of a comedian, I got to hang around after the show hearing the stories without having to do any of the dirty work of actually having to be funny. In the one episode I heard, they talked about performing for tough audiences, getting to gigs with bad traveling companions and about "intro's" gone wrong. But that's all I will tell you about that. Get a drink, turn up some bad music uncomfortably loud, turn on this podcast, and pretend you just got off stage after the best set of your life. Um, not that that's what I do or anything. Nope. Not me. (Ooh, I think I just thought of something for Dork Forest...)

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