Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here's How Much Of A Dork I Am

I posted a comment today on Jorge Garcia's blog. I'm practically beaming about it. I wanted to tell all my friends about it, as if I had had just had lunch with him instead of putting one of scores of posts by fans about a quick thought he put on his blog. But that's not the geeky part. I actually spent quite a bit of time thinking about what I was going to say, as if he would read the comment, think to himself, "hey, she seems like a cool chick, I should see if she has a blog." And then he goes to it, posts something to me and the next thing I know he and his girlfriend are joining me and my husband for yard sale-ing and sushi. Which is ridiculous. My husband doesn't even like sushi. It's just one more example that proves I need to stay away from celebrities. I can't handle it. The time I met "Weird Al" Yankovic I was a mess. We had gone to his show in a small venue near here and there we ran into a comedian friend, who, it turned out was friends with Weird Al's bass player, Stephen Jay. He got us backstage and said we could meet Al. That eventually became something like two hours later, because Al kept inviting in people waiting for autographs. That man does not like to disappoint his fans. Anyway, what we thought was going to be "hanging out with Al" turned out to be "when the line starts to taper off you can get in it after that bunch of ten year olds and get his autograph." When we got up there, Paul was cool and calm, shook his hand, told him how much he enjoyed his work and thanked him for the autograph. My few moments with him were like a blur. I think I tried to launch into a stammering story of how we had sung "Amish Paradise" at a karaoke bar a few weeks earlier then decided that was a stupid story so I tried to change gears in the middle of it and it came out something like, "Uh, Hi, Al, um, Weird Al, we love, I mean I love your songs, we did the Amish... thing, um, I love you, I mean your work and uh, thanks. For the autograph I mean. And the music. And um, also, uh, the music too. Thanks." I'll say it right here: "Weird Al" Yankovic has some serious patience. He just smiled at me with great understanding, and no sign of irritation, as I backed out of the room, tripping over ten year olds.

Someday I'll tell the stories of when I spent the day with A. Whitney Brown and spoke on the phone with Tucker Carlson.


  1. LOTS and LOTS of Weird Al fans have those dorky brain-on-vacation experiences when they meet him the first time. He's used to it. The trick is to keep ON meeting him until your brain regains its ability to compose sentences in English. The sweet part is, he does meet & greets often enough that this is actually possible.

    Oh yes, and I got hugged by Al beside his tour bus last night.

  2. I loved this post. I get weird around celebrities, too. I totally avoid them. It's so awkward.