Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conversations With My Son

Scene: At restaurant. There is a family a few tables away with a toddler girl who has wandered over to the little old lady sitting at the table next to us. We can hear them talking.

Little Old Lady (to toddler girl): Why, aren't you the cutest thing I've ever seen? You are so cute! Do you know how cute you are?

My son: (to me): Mom, is that lady talking to me?

Me: No, sweetie. She's not.

Son: I think she's talking to me.

Me: Really? Why do you think so?

Son (shrugging shoulders): Because I'm the cutest kid in the whole wide world.

Current Self Esteem Status: High


  1. ahahhahahah

    Cam is THA MEN!!! lol

    and he's right! who in the whole wide world could ever be cuter??? sheesh!!!

    learn mommy!!!! :D