Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Daily Crutch: The Update Edition

It probably appears as though I've forgotton all about this lil' ol' blog of mine. I haven't. I think about it pretty much every day, especially when I post something on a Facebook status that I realize could have been expanded into a blog post. It's not because I have become lazy; I am lazy by nature. I will always be lazy. I can do exactly so much before I need to just veg in front of the TV and scarf down a tube of Pringles.

I reckon I can get about two hours of productivity before the brain shuts down. In the spring, those two hours of focus were spent on weight loss*. As the summer progressed I used it on organization of my office**. Now, here in the fall, I am writing for (head bows in shame) someone else. I am doing recaps of the reality show Hell's Kitchen for TVOvermind. I'm also working very slowly on the Lost Season 5 recaps for Sledgeweb that I didn't get to do during the regularly scheduled season (more on that reason at a later date). So once my writing mojo has been used up there, I have nothing left for here. This will be compounded by the ridiculous notion I will be trying out NaNoWriMo again this year in November. The thing is, I need to learn how to commit myself. I also need to learn how to type. My fingers hurt after just a short time typing hunt-and-peck style. And not the ones I use, the ones that just hang off to the side on my right hand.

Anyway, let this be the day I resurrect my blog! Look for weight updates, thoughts on what's happening in the Tubular Land of Boobs***, funny stories about my kid, and rants about my idiot husband****.

*20 lbs gone! Will go into detail in a later post.
**Threw out about 10 bags of garbage, 4 bags of recycling and 5 bags of donated items. I will post pictures soon!
*** a.k.a. TV
****Don't worry, he refuses to read anything I've written, including this blog.

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