Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away!

I have two reasons for the infrequent updates: For one thing, I wanted to keep the Lost Party post at the top of the page since I'm so gosh darned proud of it. And secondly, I have been writing recaps of TV shows. And being sick. When I am sick, I can't do anything. My brain literally shuts down and I can barely write a Facebook status, much less a recap of an hour long action-packed adventure. I had to do The Office episode from after the Super Bowl, then the premiere of the second half of this season of Heroes. Then I had the fourth episode of Lost Season 5, then the regular Thursday episode of The Office (which is written; I will update with the link when I get it posted) and then the next episode of Heroes from this past Monday. I have to get that last one started because I have Lost epi 5x05 tonight and yet another Office tomorrow.

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